The purpose of RelMaS is to strengthen research in mathematics and science education, by engaging teacher educators in practice-oriented research aiming to analyze and develop didactic models for relevancing mathematics and science education. RelMaS addresses the challenges of educating younger generations for navigating and transforming a complex world, where mathematical and scientific knowledge intertwine in dealing with wicked problems now and in the future. This involves negotiating common views of the content, pedagogies and research foundations of school mathematics and science, to make them significant for active citizenship and to provide equitable access to the content to a diverse student population.

RelMaS builds on established collaboration between the universities of Malmö, Stockholm and Uppsala. It will provide PhD education to 9 students who will also work in teacher education, and thereby increase research-qualified teacher educators in these areas in Sweden. The PhD-students will be placed in one of the participation universities.

RelMaS will be managed by Stockholm with an interinstitutional board and an international advisory board.