The purpose of the doctoral school is to strengthen the connection to research within teacher education by offering PhD studies to nine teacher educators in a five-year research program. The theme is educational assessment and more specifically, educational measurement and classical and modern test theory, which is at
the core of this doctoral school.

The knowledge about educational measurement is fundamental for teacher educators in order to develop high quality teaching concerning assessment issues in teacher education. Thus, a particular emphasis will be on the teacher educators´ development of competence in using quantitative methods which opens up for performing well-designed mixed-methods studies. By focusing on educational measurement through tests and assessments within the nine multidisciplinary doctoral projects, the quality of teachers’ work with assessment and evaluation in school may be enhanced substantially.

The program will be coordinated by University of Gothenburg in collaboration with Uppsala University and Stockholm University. The program involves national and internationally renowned researchers within the field of assessment and educational measurement, who together constitute a powerful network that will strengthen the cooperation between research and teacher education.