Auli Arvola Orlander
Auli Arvola Orlander

Sex education is an integrated aspect of Swedish secondary school and referred as a particular knowledge content by the Swedish Agency of Education. The aim of this four-year study is to examine how sex education is taught, experienced and can be developed as part of a variety of school subjects. We will explore how sex education is enacted in particular school subjects from a subject didactical perspective, but also how it works in collaboration across subjects from an interdisciplinary perspective.

The advisory board of the project:

  •     Professor Mary Lou Rasmussen, Australian National University.
  •     Professor Michalinos Zembylas, Open university of Cyprus.
  •     Professor Åse Røthing, Oslo Metropolitan University.
  •     Professor Steve Alsop, Faculty of Education, York University, Canada.
  •     Professor Anna Sparrman, Child Studies Linköping University.