Paul Andrews and Judy Sayers

Grant of nine and a half million to project in Mathematics Education

Vetenskapsrådet has just awarded a grant of almost nine and a half million kronor to Paul Andrews and Judy Sayers, Department of Mathematics and Science Education, for a five year project to investigate the ways in which year one children develop foundational number sense (FoNS).

Eva Noren

She studies the use of language and power relations in the mathematics classroom

Teachers are not only transmitting neutral knowledge to their students. Eva Norén claims that the teacher also forms individuals – also when it comes to something that seems to neutral as mathematics.

Paul Andrews

The confusing consequences of international tests of mathematics achievement

Finland has for a long time been seen as a model for excellence in education given their excellent results on standardized tests. But are these results the results of an outstanding educational system?

Carl-Johan Rundgren

How are scientific concepts communicated in media?

Carl-Johan Rundgren researches what scientific concepts are used in media and how do they compare to what is taught in science classrooms.

Bengt-Olov Molander

The ability to handle language is the key to science

Bengt-Olov Molander studies how deaf students learn science subjects to see how teaching can be improved.