Anna Pansell

Anna Pansell receives Högskoleföreningen’s Award

Anna Pansell, Department of Mathematics and Science Education, has been awarded Högskoleföreningen’s Award for outstanding scientific achievement 2018 for her thesis "The Ecology of Mary’s Mathematics Teaching: Tracing Co-determination within School Mathematics Practices".

Zeynep Ünsal

Zeynep Ünsal, winner of the Research Worth Reading award 2018

Every year, the Publications Advisory Committee for National Association of Research in Science Teaching (NARST) selects three articles as the winners of the Research Worth Reading award: These articles are part of the National Science Teachers Association’s (NSTA) initiative to identify "Research Worth Reading" for its teacher audience and have been selected because of their potential to inform science teaching.

Nathalie Sinclair

Svend Pedersen Lecture Award 2019 - to Nathalie Sinclair

It is with honour and great pleasure that we can announce that this year’s Svend Pedersen Lecture Award will go to Professor Nathalie Sinclair, Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, Canada), and Canada Research Chair in Tangible Mathematics Learning.

Gruppbild, sittande

Teachers and researchers in ERASMUS+ project "Language for Mathematics in Vocational Contexts"

A group of teachers and researchers, from Germany and the Netherlands, visited MND the 25th – 26th of March. They all participate in the ERASMUS+ project LAMAVOC. “LaMaVoC” means “Language for Mathematics in Vocational Contexts”.

Karim Hamza

Network grant: Comparative Didactics and Professional Development for Teachers

The project Comparative Didactics and Professional Development for Teachers has received a grant of 1 172 160 SEK for a three-year period from the Swedish Research Council.

Iben Christiansen, Associate Professor

SEK 5.7 million to the project: Tracing mathematics teacher education in practice

In the yearly call for applications from the Swedish Research Council, the project “Tracing mathematics teacher education in practice” was granted SEK 5,775,671. Heading up the project is Iben Maj Christiansen, Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Science Education.

Maria Andrée

Grant for project on industrial initiatives in science and technology education

The project “Industrial initiatives in school – opportunities and challenges for science and technology education” has received a grant from the Swedish Research Council .

Paola Valero

Cultural politics of mathematics education

Paola Valero at the Department of Mathematics and Science Education researches how math in the curriculum is an important site of subjectification in contemporary societies. She lectures and supervises our mathematics teacher education students.