FoNS – the spring from which later mathematical learning grows

This project's name is 'the acquisition of year one students' foundational number sense in Sweden and England', but we prefer its acronym, FoNS, which is the abbreviation of Foundational Number Sense. Not only is FoNS easy to remember but its meaning in Latin, a well, spring, source or fount, emphasises the key role of FoNS in children's learning of mathematics; it is the spring from which later mathematical learning grows.

FoNS Latest News

  • Teacher Interviews 2018-02-13 April - October 2017. The analysis of teacher interviews is ongoing. The interviews, 19 in England and 20 in Sweden, yielded a total of more than 350,000 words, which is a lot of data to read, interpret and code. The analytical process has two principal objectives.


For the next few months the FoNS team will be analysing teacher interviews from Sweden and England. The outcomes of this will lead to further publications and the development of a questionnaire for teachers in the two countries.

The FoNS-team have also started to analyse Swedish and English textbooks with respect to the FoNS-framework.