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Although published after some of the earlier papers, this paper summarised the third pilot of the FoNS framework. We drew on two serendipitously available video recordings of year one lessons in Hungary and Sweden, both focused on aspects of number in ways that facilitate conceptual subitising. From the FoNS perspective, conceptual subitising can be construed as the ability to recognise quickly and without counting relatively large numerosities by partitioning these large groups into smaller groups that can be individually subitised. Classroom activities focused on the development of conceptual subitising have the propensity to invoke a variety of FoNS-related competences and this study aimed to examine the nature of those competences. As shown in the table below, the two lessons, analysed by means of their episodes, showed how teachers in two culturally dissimilar countries emphasise different FoNS components, although quantity discrimination and estimation, continue to be conspicuous by their absence. In addition, as found in the actual paper, both lessons incorporated some mathematically interesting activities likely to support children’s learning of conceptual subitising.