We hope many of you will follow and interact with the TRACE-project.  följa och diskutera projektet. Join our discussions on https://tracingmathematicsteachereducation.blogspot.com, or Researchgate https://www.researchgate.net/project/TRACE-Tracing-mathematics-teacher-education

Data collection and analysis

In the ongoing data collection, 20 present and previous student teachers participate in Sweden, and 14 in South Africa. For this reason, the TRACE-team has been extended with new members.  Analytical tools for observation analysis are being tested and elaborated.

Forthcoming publications

The practicum assessment rubrics from six institutions in as many countries have been analysed from the concept of ’the desired teacher’. A similar analysis of course material from one institution is in process.

Two systematic reviews are in various stages, where one was presented in PME 42 in Umeå this summer.

A number of smaller studies are also under way, for instance interrogating the mathematical and the mathematics educational content in the programmes.

Conferences and workshops

The 1st Commognitive Workshop, February 2019:  Anette DeRon and Lisa Österling had the opportunity to present an attempt to a commognitive analysis of teaching in the workshop. We could also connect to several research colleagues in the commognitive field, and learned a lot on the ongoing work for developing methodologies where commognition is used in the analysis of teaching, not only learning.

NOFA 7 in May 2019: Members of the Trace-team, Iben Christiansen, Anette deRon, Kicki Skog and Lisa Österling, presented five different papers at the conference, which allowed us to connect to other projects involved in teacher education in the nordic countries. 

Mathematics Education and Society MES10, january-february 2019 in Hyderabad, India: Annica Andersson represented the TRACE-team.