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Anna Wallin, Eva Norén, Paola Valero
Kristiina Brunila, Paola Valero
Anxiety and the making of research(ing) subjects in neoliberal academia 2018
Paola Valero, Auli Arvola Orlander
Democracy and Justice in Mathematics and Science Curriculum 2018
Melissa Andrade-Molina, Paola Valero, Ole Ravn
The Amalgam of Faith and Reason : Euclid’s Elements and the Scientific Thinker 2018
Neila de Toledo e Toledo, Gelsa Knijnik, Paola Valero
Mathematics education in the neoliberal and corporate curriculum : the case of Brazilian agricultural high schools 2018
Yasmine Abtahi, J. Adler, D. Guillemette,
et al.
Otherness in mathematics education 2018
Vanessa Franco Neto, Paola Valero
The mathematics textbook for rural population in Brazil : Learning to be a modernized farmer 2018
Marcio Antonio da Silva, Paola Valero
Brazilian high school textbooks : Mathematics and students’ subjectivity 2018
Anna Wallin, Eva Norén, Paola Valero
Mathematics in the Swedish fritidshem curriculum : A policy enactment perspective 2018
Paola Valero
Political Perspectives in Mathematics Education 2018
Marcio Antonio da Silva, Paola Valero, Camila Aparecida Coradetti Manoel,
et al.
Brazilian High School Mathematics Textbooks and the Constitution of the Good Student Citizen 2018
Paola Valero
Human Capitals : School Mathematics and the Making of the Homus O Economicus 2018
Paola Valero
Capital humano : o currículo de matemática escolar e a fabricação do homus oeconomicus neoliberal 2018
Alex Montecino, Paola Valero
Mathematics Teachers as Products and Agents : To Be and Not to Be. That’s the Point! 2016
Melissa Andrade-Molina, Paola Valero
The Effects of School Geometry in the Shaping of a Desired Child : Challenging the Sociopolitical Dimensions of Research 2016
Paola Valero
Mathematics for all, Economic Growth, and the Making of the Citizen-Worker 2017
Luz Valoyes-Chávez, Danny B. Martin, Joi Spencer,
et al.
White Supremacy, Anti-Black Racism, and Mathematics Education : Local and Global Perspectives 2018
Paola Valero
El deseo de acceso y equidad en la educación matemática 2018
Paola Valero, Ole Ravn
Recontextualizaciones y ensamblajes : ABP y matemáticas universitarias 2018
Annica Andersson, Paola Valero
Negotiating Critical Pedagogical Discourses : Contexts, Mathematics, and Agency 2016
Núria Planas, Paola Valero
Tracing the Socio-Cultural-Political Axis in Understanding Mathematics Education 2016
Paola Valero, Gelsa Knijnik
Mathematics Education as a Matter of Policy 2017
Paola Valero
Preface 2017
Gonzalo Peñaloza, Paola Valero
Nihil obstat. Las ciencias naturales escolares y lafabricación del ciudadano católico en Colombia 2017


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