Prerequisites and conditions for acceptance on the course:

Course members must be current members of a doctoral program in mathematics and science education, pedagogy, didactics or equivalent at a university or equivalent.

Course content:

No PhD in either mathematics or science education is complete without a clear and well-structured comprehensive literature review. This course, in addition to facilitating students’ critical reading skills, will enable course members to understand and undertake a systematic literature review. It will examine approaches to the literature search, discuss, in general terms, the authority, and therefore the confidence that a researcher may derive, typically expected of different forms of literature. It will consider approaches to the analysis of the literature and how these approaches inform the structure and authority of the review itself.

Learning outcomes

On course completion students should be able to

  • read critically the research writing of others;
  • understand the authority typically invested in different forms of literature;
  • understand and apply different approaches to the identification of research literature;
  • understand and apply different approaches to the analysis of identified literature;
  • conduct their own project-related review of the literature.