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Professor Pirjo Aunio
Professor Pirjo Aunio

Her work, much of which has been undertaken comparatively, crosses the boundaries of psychology, special educational needs and mathematics educational research. Professor Aunio’s current research is focused for instance on the screening of young children in order to identify, and then facilitate their learning in Norway and South Africa.

Professor Aunio is active internationally through the European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI) and The Nordic Research network on Special Needs Education in Mathematics (NORSMA). In addition, she is active at the national level through the Association for Researchers and Members of Parliament and the Finnish Network for Researchers in Mathematical Learning Difficulties (founding member, secretary 2009–2012, chair 2012–).

She is currently a member of editorial boards in international and national research journals, such as Learning and Individual Differences, Educational Psychology: An International Journal of Experimental Educational Psychology, and NMI-Bulletin.

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Early mathematical development is foundational for later mathematics development and important for job prospects and performance. The general aim of this presentation is to describe the research our group has done in producing evidence based knowledge, assessment scales, and intervention materials for educators to identify children at risk for learning difficulties in mathematics and to support them in their learning. The first aim is to describe a model of core numerical skills for 5- to 8-year-olds (Aunio & Räsänen, 2015) and how this model can inform educational practices. The second aim is to describe our work on evidence-based assessment and intervention materials that are designed to be used by educators with children who struggle with mathematics learning (e.g., Mononen & Aunio, 2014; see also webservices: www.lukimat.fi, https://thinkmathglobal.com) in Finland, Norway and South Africa.


Early mathematical skills learning and learning difficulties – evidence-based assessment and interve from MND, Stockholms universitet on Vimeo.